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  • The google voice accounts are registered automatically.
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  • The account’s names are in English.
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  • All accounts included recovery.
  • 12 hours replacement.
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  • Excel sheet and CSV file.

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Buy new google voice number and how to use google voice

Google Voice synchronizes your Google account to provide you with a unique public phone number for making calls, texting, and voicemail on your phone or computer.

You select your number like a secondary phone number that connects to your primary phone number.


What is Google Voice service:

With a full backup, you can configure the app to send calls, texts, and voicemails.

The app also provides advanced voicemail copies that you may read inside the app or your forwarded emails, as well as the ability to call locations worldwide at reasonable rates with no additional fees.

If you use multiple devices at the same time, like the majority of us do nowadays, you can check the mailbox easily from anywhere as Google Voice connects them all.

Google Voice can filter out spam and allow you to block specific numbers.


Google Voice
Google Voice

Google Voice Service Features:

Your buy new Google phone number allows you to make and answer calls as well as send and receive text messages.

When using a Google Voice number, your caller ID stays hidden.

Incoming calls can also have their caller ID changed.

With Google Voice call, you can forward calls from your phone number to your New Google phone number. You will be able to change where you receive calls and, as well as the numbers and devices used by you. Your phone number can be ported or transferred to Google Voice.

Your phone number can be used to recover your account in case you lose access to Google Voice ever.

The benefit of Google Voice for business owners is its affordable VoIP service, which gives you the ability to place and receive phone calls and send and receive texts from any number on every device.

Customers may easily use their cell phones and tablets to access the portal.

Filtration, texts and call transcription, and auto-attendants are just a few of the features that Google Voice offers for the business-level capability to simplify calls and messages.

Users may enhance collaboration capabilities outside of conventional one-on-one conversations by integrating Google Workspace.

Here are some aspects of Google Voice that you should think about while determining if it’s the best platform for your new enterprise.


Google Voice Service Features
Google Voice Service Features

You will have a more beneficial and personalized experience.

Some information is processed when you use Google Voice to provide you with a better experience with the product.

Your information is kept safe.

In your Google Account, you can always change your privacy settings.


beneficial and personalized experience
beneficial and personalized experience


Your data is safely stored.

When you use Google Voice to send or receive texts and attachments, they are securely stored in our international data centers.

Data is encrypted in transport from one Google Voice customer to Google.

Your audible data is saved when you capture a voice message greeting on Voice Assistants or leave a voice message for others.


How Google Voice safeguards your privacy and keeps you in command.

Text messages, phone calls, and voice messages are synchronized across all of your devices.

Text messages, phone calls, and voicemails can all be deleted.

Your Google Account includes built-in security to recognize and block threats such as spam, phishing, and malware.

Strong industry norms and procedures are used to store your activity.


Google Voice safeguards your privacy and keeps you in command
Google Voice safeguards your privacy and keeps you in command

Your contact information is used to sync and store to keep you up to date.

For signing up procedures the service saves your email address and name, displays a customized list of contacts, and informs you of the changed service.

It uses your email address to sync your choices, run surveys and keep separately the data.

Safety and Security:

If you have a workplace or school account, the administrator keeps an address for each contact number in case of an emergency call. The service utilizes your contacts saved on your device as well as in your Account to assist you in identifying calls, texts, emails, and voicemails.

Google Voice utilizes data to enhance user experience.

It processes user data to offer features like spam filtering. It gathers performance statistics and analytics to enhance Google Voice’s usability as well as to aid in debugging problems while using Google Voice. It also keeps track of this information to monitor and stop misuse of its services.

Your content is not used by Google Voice for advertising.

It never utilizes data from apps where you keep the majority of your content, such as Google Voice, for marketing purposes.

You control what content is published and with whom.

Unless you want to share it, the content saved on Google is confidential to you.

Google values your privacy. It accesses only your private stuff with your permission or where compelled by law. It offers data about how government and corporate policy affect privacy, and access to data through the Google Transparency Report.

It is simple to examine and manage your data.

The Google Account Panel offers a snapshot of all the Google products and the data you keep, such as emails and images.

Just discover how to check and manage activity in a Google Account.

Connect your services to your location.

It records some basic location information to understand your experience with google voice. That may be related to geography, such as when you share information with Google, and try to keep your account secure if it notices you signing in from a new area, The location allows you to see where Google Voice service is available.

Your location also assists Google Voice to display the most appropriate language in-product.

You are free to take your info with you.

Everyone can view the information they’ve provided to Google voice at any time or for any purpose.

That’s why they developed the data downloading system, allowing you to save photographs, emails, contacts, and favorites.

You have the choice of creating a backup of your data or moving it to another site. You can export your data from Google Voice.

You always have complete control over the information stored in your Google Account. Just learn the data downloading system

Now to create a Google Voice number, follow the steps below:

1.Sign up for a Google account.

To obtain a New Google voice number service, you must have a valid Google account. It will be used to login into Google Voice as well as other Google products and apps. Gmail, Google Docs, the browser, and the Workspace suite are among them.

Enter the Google Account’s first page. It is the sign-in screen and click “Create account” to get started.

Fill out the form, which involves choosing a username, and a password. Additionally, you will need a phone number for your account


Sign Up a Google Voice Account
Sign Up a Google Voice Account


2.Choose a Google Voice number.

Enter the Google Voice homepage to set up your account after it has been created.

You must decide if the account is only for private or business use.

Sign in to your Gmail to continue.

There are three choices. Android, iOS & Web options are available: “For personal use“.  For a mobile phone, need to download it from the app store for iOS or Android.

Enter your login information if you’re using the “Web” option. Then confirm that you accept the conditions of service to proceed.

When signing up for “For business,” choose one of the three plans available, which range in price from $10 up to $30. A Google Workspace account, which costs between $6 and $8 per month, is also required.

Choose the company phone number associated with Google Voice after choosing a plan.

The first step in choosing a New Google number is to look up available numbers by location or area code.

The possible numbers will be shown, and if none of those are right for you, you may click “show more” to explore more choices.

When you locate a New Google number you want to utilize for your company, click the blue “Select” button.


Choose a Google Voice number
Choose a Google Voice number


3.Verify and Link Your Current Phone Number.

Your chosen phone number will be shown on the next page. Link and validate your current contact number where conversations will be forwarded to finish the setup. You must use a US-based landline/cell phone number.

When you input a number into the link, Google Voice will SMS  a six-digit code as a verification message to your phone.

You might choose to contact the number to confirm it for landlines.

Once you get the code, input it there and click “Verify” to finish creating your account.


Verify and Link Your Current Number
Verify and Link Your Current Number


4.On your devices, download the app.

Google Voice number becomes usable on the web and smartphones once you’ve done all the steps. Set it up on your mobile device to take full advantage of Google Voice’s VoIP phone services.

Open your Google Play Store or Apple App Store to install the Google Voice app.

Select the app, then click “download.” Open the program when the download is finished, log into your Google account, and read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Statement.

It is quick and simple to get a Google Voice number, particularly when you already own a Google Workspace profile.

You can make the most of your Google Voice number’s domestic and international calls, messages, and voicemails once you have one.

Learn how to utilize Google Voice for your streamlined business communication requirements, or get started with our Google Voice number right away.


google voice apps
google voice apps


Why buy google voice number (Is Google Voice Free?)

Google Voice is only available to G Suite accounts and Google accounts based in the U.S.A.

Text messaging via Google Voice service is only available or accessible in the USA and Canada.

When signing up for “For business,” choose one of the three plans available, which range in price from $10 up to $30. A Google Workspace account, which costs between $6 and $8 per month, is also required.

In addition, if you intend to add another contact number to an existing account, you’ll need to follow a different set of instructions.

Entering additional data out of order and changing phone numbers or other choices may also alter the process.


Buy new google voice number
Buy new google voice number


Finally helpful info for our valued subscribers:

If you’re searching to buy Google Voice numbers, we can provide you with the best offer.

We offer Google Voice account numbers that are established and phone-verified entirely manually.

Our provided Google Voice numbers will be ready to use in any corporate communications. Using our Google Voice Account Number service, you can call and take calls from any phone or device.

You can have a free contact number for calls, voicemails, and SMS if you have a Google Voice number.

We offer standard services, and all of our customers are satisfied.

Each of our accounts comes from a different IP.

If you buy a New Google account Service from us, we assure you to receive the best service.

Every account’s profile is fully complete.




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